Astaxanthin Age-defying Facial cream Giffarine facial cream


Astaxanthin Age-defying Facial cream Giffarine night cream, ครีมแอสต้าแซนธิน กิฟฟารีน, ครีมทาหน้า กิฟฟารีน, ครีมบำรุงผิวหน้า กิฟฟารีน เครื่องสำอางกิฟฟารีน

Astaxanthin Age-defying Facial cream Giffarine ,night cream ( ครีมทาหน้า แอสต้าแซนธิน ) Reduce wrinkles anti-aging 

Skin care product astaxanthin cream brand Giffarne. An intensive moisturizing facial cream especially developed for night time. Formulated with Astaxanthin helps reduce skin aging, wrinkles and softens the skin. Fish Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate give additional moisture and strength to the skin. Keeping your skin firm, healthy and younger looking.
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How To :
Always warm the moisturizing cream up before applying on your face. Put an appropriate amount of cream on your left palm by using the given equipment. Then gently massage in a circular motion with the finger-tips of your right hand until the product is warm. Apply the product on your facial skin. Gently massage in a circular and upward motion from the inner to the outer part of your face daily before bedtime.
CODE 1502
Gross Weight : 175.7 g.
Net Weight : 50.00 g.
Price : 560 baht. ( for 1 bottle )   

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